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If you're in the U.S., will you watch all or part of the Superbowl? Do you have a favorite team? If you're not American, what do you think about Superbowl Sunday?

I watched for the commercials and The Who's halftime show. That's about it. I don't care much for football.

Writer's Block: AKA

What's the story behind your username?

I was thinking "I need a random ass username." So I came up with it.

Big Bonus

So I realized that I haven't posted a LP video for a long ass time. And seeing as I don't have one right now, I'm just gonna throw a bonus your way.

Brawl Bonus 13



Writer's Block: Clothing Options

When it comes to clothes, would you rather be comfortable or fashionable?

Umm, comfortable. Duh. There's no point in looking good if you don't feel good.

Let's Finish Act 9

LP Kingdom Hearts Act 9-4
Scene 4: Another fat boss?!

And so ends Act 9 of Kingdom Hearts.


Keep Playing!

LP Kingdom Hearts Act 9-3
Scene 3: Child Abuse!

Sorry I'm taking so long between posts. It's hard to get these things done now that I'm actually busy. =P


Let's Play Yo

LP Kingdom Hearts Act 9-2
Scene 2: Nothing Special


Halloween Anyone?

LP Kingdom Hearts Act 9-1
Scene 1: Failure!

Here it is. Finally. Act 9 of Kingdom Hearts, Halloween Town. Enjoy.

LP Kingdom Hearts Act 8-4
Scene 4: The Fatness Got Fatter!!

And here's a bonus for ya'll. I figure if you're still watching at this point, you really deserve a bonus.

Brawl Bonus 12

Totally cheap, but whatever.


Let's Play Act 8-3

LP Kingdom Hearts Act 8-3
Scene 3: Sooo fat!